Sunday, July 11, 2010

a week in

What  a week.  Sorry to report that the internet has been down for a lot of it--something to do with the undersea cable.  Anyway it certainly has been eventful.

Unfortunately the business center manager has just told me that there are 5 minutes left before he closes early because there seems to be some football/soccer game that there is a lot of fuss over!  

First impressions?  smokey--they burn trash everywhere here so it is very smokey all the time, which also adds to the dust which is constant too.  There are many contrasts.  We are in a comfortable hotel.  People are very friendly, very poor. Scenes run from unbelievable despair to incredible inspiration.  There have got to be more NGOs per capita than any other place on the planet.   

My camera was stolen (but I will replace) so I don't have pictures to sheare right now.  They would be of smiling faces, welcoming dances, people every where.  Interesting animals- birds, monkeys, funny looking cows and really lush verdent landscapes as well as the head of the Nile rapids.  Maybe also some flowers.  Gotta go! 

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